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We want to eliminate suicide by teaching Recovery.

"Breathe in Peace,

Breathe out Stress,

Relax the body,

Open the mind's eye to remember and focus on your mission."

Visualize what you want!

You can condition yourself to Recover. Worry can evaporate as you physically form new neural pathways in your brain. Start getting what you want. This is recovery.

The brain is still injured, but on the path toward Recovery, you can chose to Actively Condition your mind so that the symptoms you don't like can gradually become Un-diagnosable. Recovery is a process not a destination. It's not popular, or easy, or fast. You can't take it in a pill. But you can rewire your brain, using the same science stroke victims use to re-learn speech, or reading, or walking.

This is not the hokey pokey. This is not an infomercial touting Clinically Proven products. This is an invitation to perform an experiment. Prove to yourself that what we offer is true. It's free.

You know that if you are burning up 40 percent of your life's energy stressing out about stuff you can't control; you only have 60 percent left for thinking and feeling, and planning and choosing. And loving, most important of all.

Active Conditioning is a tool that allows people to turn the stress off, just for a little while. Maybe just for a second or two. But then we can just try it again. :>) Just try AC for a few days, maybe a week... Here's how to do it:

"Breathe in Peace,

Breathe out Stress,

Relax the body,

Think about your mission."

My experience is that as you recover what we call "The Abundant Life" things just start to fall into place easier. Slow at first, faster later. When unexpected good things start happening Active Conditioning becomes a habitual part of life. You don't have to even think about it.

We believe 100 percent that Recovery is possible, without stigma.

Who after all can not benefit from learning that we can gradually overcome every obstacle, face every foe, focus our belief in our mission, and have the courage to choose the life we want for ourselves and our families., rather than just be buffetted by random events.